Alameda County Long Term Care Insurance Program is now closed to new applicants, 12/1/2016.

elderly couple

Alameda County offers a Long Term Care Program to current participants that can help reimburse the cost of covered services that help people perform everyday activities.

Long term care services are often required when you need assistance with everyday activities, such as using the bathroom, taking a shower, dressing, or moving in and out of a bed or chair. The need for long term care can be caused by conditions such as a broken or fractured bones, Parkinsonís disease, stroke, Alzheimerís, or other chronic conditions.

Care can be provided in different settings, including your home, an assisted living facility, or a nursing home. Long Term Care Insurance is not a medical plan, nor is it an income replacement plan. It is a plan that helps you cover the cost of the daily activities of living.

For more information about the Countyís Long Term Care Insurance Program and understanding your needs, go to

CalPERS Long Term Care

For existing CalPERS Long Term Care members, please go to the CalPERS Website for updated information, or call CalPERS at 800-982-1775 and select the appropriate prompts.