The medical plan design offered to employees is a $15 or $40 HMO Copay Plan. You may elect coverage provided through one of the two medical carriers, UnitedHealthcare HMO or Kaiser Permanente HMO.

About the HMO Plans

Under a Health Management Organization (HMO) plan, you typically need to use doctors, hospitals, facilities, and other plan providers affiliated with the HMO. Your out-of-pocket costs are typically limited to copays for the services you receive; the plan pays the balance. Services are not subject to a deductible.

If you enroll in the UnitedHealthcare HMO plan, you need to designate a Primary Care Physician (PCP) for yourself and each of your covered dependents. (Our medical plans allow you to choose a different PCP for each person, if desired.) Provider directories are available through each plan's Web site.

If you do not choose a PCP, one will be designated for you by the plan; you may change your PCP at any time.

About the UnitedHealthcare PPO Plan

The UnitedHealthcare Select Plus Plan offers you a national network and out-of-network coverage.

You can receive care from a provider in or out of our plan network. However, it's important to be aware that staying in our network and using network doctors can help you save money. A network is a group of health care providers and facilities that have a contract with UnitedHealthcare.

You don't need to choose a primary care provider (PCP) or get referrals to see a specialist. However, we recommend that you select a PCP to help you manage your care. They can also help you avoid unnecessary or duplicate tests and services, and can connect you to a network specialist, if needed.

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Plan Highlights Sheets

For details on each medical plan's design refer to the highlights sheets below:

Contact the plan carriers directly, if you have questions regarding the benefits covered.

In reviewing this information, please be reminded that these documents provide a brief summary of the plans only.

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Summary of Benefits and Coverage

In addition to the Plan Highlight summaries located above, also available are the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) as required under Health Care Reform.

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Medical Costs

Effective February 1, 2019 the County has 4 contribution categories. For additional details please see the February 1, 2019 Rate Sheet below.

Any benefit eligible employee who works fewer than the standard hours for their classification in a pay period may be subject to pro-ration of the County's contribution towards their Medical, Dental and Share the Savings stipend.

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