Voluntary Vision Plan

woman and eye chart

The County offers eligible employees a new Voluntary Vision Plans through Vision Service Plan,VSP® Vision Care. Employees can elect to enroll in a low option plan or a high option plan.

  • Vision Choice Plus
  • Vision Choice Premium

Comprehensive Eye Care. VSP® Vision Care provides you with an affordable, comprehensive eye exam to help keep you and your eyes healthy. The plans offer coverage for an eye exam, prescription glasses, contacts, and discounts on lens options and laser vision correction. Choose the plan that's right for you.

Open Access. You have open access to use your VSP benefit with any provider, including national chains and non-VSP doctors. While coverage is best with VSP doctors, VSP offers a generous reimbursement schedule for services from all other providers. And VSP keeps it simple by allowing other providers to contact them directly to check eligibility and submit claims directly to them. VSP then pays the provider up to the scheduled amounts, so you would only be responsible for paying any amount above the allowances.

The Vision Benefits Summary (PDF - 824kb) * provides a brief summary of VSP plan benefits. In case of conflict between this summary and your plan's Evidence of Coverage booklet, the Evidence of Coverage booklet determines the benefits provided.

Who is eligible for the Voluntary Vision Plan?

Please refer to your Memorandum of Understanding to determine eligibility for those groups that are associated with a collective bargaining organization.

VSP Voluntary Vision Premiums (Semi Monthly & 100% Employee Paid)

Self Self +1 Family
Vision Choice Plus $3.99 $8.01 $12.58
Vision Choice Premium $10.14 $19.24 $28.57

Vision Reimbursement Plan

Some employees that currently are not eligible for the Voluntary Vision Plan, may after six months of employment, be eligible for reimbursement of vision care expenses through the County's Vision Reimbursement Program. The reimbursement available ranges from $200 to $250 every 24 months.

Refer to your Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for your eligibility and specific benefit levels.