Commuter Benefit Program

The Commuter Benefit Plan is where you can set aside before-tax dollars to pay for your mass transit and parking expenses as it relates to commuting to and from work. This could result in significant savings in the cost of your transportation and parking expenses through the taxes you save.

Qualified Transportation & Parking Expenses

Qualified transportation expenses can be a token, fare card or any items entitling a person to transportation on a mass transit facility. To name a few mass transit providers….. BART, MUNI, AC Transit.

Qualified parking expenses can be parking provided on or near the County's business premises or at a location from which the employee commutes by car, bus or train.

Save Now!

If you are eligible for this benefit, start saving now! For more information contact the Employee Benefits Center at 510-891-8991 or go to the intranet EBC Online website under Commuter Benefits.