Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Personal concerns can have a big impact on your work performance and overall functioning. The EAP helps individuals resolve personal issues before they become more serious and difficult to manage.

Who Provides the EAP?

Claremont Behavioral Services is a firm of selected professionals who can help you with life’s challenges. You will be referred to a conveniently located counselor or resource with expertise in your area of concern. Claremont recognizes your need for prompt, helpful assistance.

Who Will Know?

The EAP is a confidential service. Claremont understands the importance of maintaining your privacy. Your involvement with Claremont is afforded the maximum confidentiality permitted under the law. Below are some to the benefits offered to eligible employees and their family members:

  • Counseling – Three free visits per incident, per year for regular personnel, ten visits for Public Safety Officers eligible for Safety Retirement.
  • Legal Consultation – An initial 30 minute consultation is provided at no cost. A 25% discount is available for any services beyond initial consultation.
  • Financial Services – Financial specialists are available to assist employees/family members with budgeting, retirement planning, debt consolidation, auto and real estate purchasing, etc. A free credit report is available upon request.
  • Elder/Adult/Child Care – Nationwide referrals for elder/adult/child care resources are provided.
  • School/College Assistance – Helps parents choose an appropriate elementary or secondary and assistance with the college search process for both college-bound children and the working individual in search of furthering his/her educational needs.
  • Online Services – Through the EAP, employees and their family members have access to Claremont’s Personal Advantage website. Personal Advantage features helpful information, tools and resources on health and wellness topics, financial matters, legal issues, interpersonal events, work-life balance, training and education, elder and childcare issues.