Property Taxes

Application Forms

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The following documents are provided in Portable Document Format (PDF) and require the free Adobe Reader.

  • Application for Property Tax Relief for Military Personnel (PDF - 10kb)
    Military personnel on active duty are eligible to defer the payment of their taxes under the provisions of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act. Instead of the penalties, costs and fees imposed under California law, the unpaid taxes are subject only to interest at the rate of six percent (6%) per annum. This application form may be completed by the military service person, his/her adult dependent or any other individual authorized by the service person to act on his/her behalf. Please complete the information and file the form with the tax collector.

  • Installment Plan Agreement (PDF - 97kb)
    For prior year secured property tax delinquencies, a property owner may initiate an installment plan of redemption to redeem the property. This plan provides a means of paying secured property taxes that have been delinquent for one or more years, with payments being made in five or fewer installments in accordance with California Revenue and Taxation Code. While the installment plan is in good standing, the property may not be tax-defaulted subject to the power to sell, nor the right of redemption terminated.