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Ranked-Choice Voting Accumulated Results - Member, City Council, District 6 - Berkeley

Accumulated results last updated: Thursday, November 15, 2012; 7:26 p.m. (Certified Final Results)

Election results are considered unofficial until the Registrar of Voters certifies the final results. The Registrar of Voters has up to 28 days to canvass and certify the election. The Official Final results will be posted on the website.

Election results will change after Election Night reporting. On Election Night, the Registrar of Voters reports results from the polling places. However, Vote by Mail ballots and Provisional ballots received on Election Day will be processed starting Wednesday the day after the election.

Sequoia Voting Systems: RCV Results Summary Report for Member, City Council, Dist. 6 - Berkeley (RCV)
Ranked Choice Voting Results Table
Contest: Member, City Council, Dist. 6 - Berkeley (RCV)
Load Type: Complete
  Round 1
  Votes % Transfer
SUSAN WENGRAF 5609 95.05% 0
Write-In 0 0.00% 0
PHOEBE SORGEN 292 4.95% 0
Exhausted by Over Votes 9   0
Under Votes 2033   0
Exhausted Ballots 0   0
Continuing Ballots 5901 100.00%  
TOTAL 7943   0
REMARKS *Tie resolved in accordance with election law.