Election Worker Commitment
  • Complete all the required documents to receive a W-2 at the end of the year from Alameda County prior to being appointed as an Election Worker.
  • Attend and complete Mandatory In-person and Online Training within the given deadline.
  • Provide a valid phone number and email address. Need to check regularly (Email address is required for online training, and for communication)
  • Must be in good physical condition. Able to sit and stand for a long period of time and able to lift 35lbs.
  • Always remain impartial through opinions/ideas with voters. Be presentable. (Dress attire is Business Casual)
  • Must have reliable transportation to attend Training Class and to go to the assigned Vote Centeron Election Days.
  • Be responsible to fulfill the assigned duties on days assigned at a Vote Center.
Date of birth (* REQUIRED)
Home Phone (* REQUIRED)
Cell Phone
Work Phone
Are you a US Citizen (Registered Voter in the State of California) OR a Lawful Permanent Resident?

Election Workers are needed on the following date(s) (* Required)
I have served as an Election Worker in Alameda County.
I have my own car.
Are you able to lift 35lbs (2 person rule)?
I will ONLY serve in the city where I Live.
I am willing to serve anywhere in Alameda County.
I am fluent (speak, read, write) in English.
I am fluent (speak, read, write) in another language. (Check all boxes that apply.)
I am confident and knowledgeable with laptops, printers, and tablet devices. (* Required)
I am interested in serving as an Assistant Captain (Experienced in a Vote Center).
I am interested in serving as a Judge (Responsible for Voting Devices/Equipment).