Alameda County Health Club Information

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Alameda County is now a corporate member of 24-Hour Fitness and employees are eligible to purchase memberships at discounted rates. The initiation fee has been waived for County employees, although a deposit of first and last month dues is still required. The savings to individual County employees will vary depending on the type of membership selected, but varies between 10% and 25% off the regular monthly fee. Employees will have access to over 325 clubs throughout the U.S. (All-Club Sport, All-Club Super Sport and All-Club Ultra Sport memberships only).

County employees may also add eligible family members at discounted rates, subject to certain restrictions (see Add-Ons* defined below). The discounted rates available to County employees are shown below.

  All Club Sport All Club
Super Sport
All Club
Ultra Sport

*Add-on members are parent(s), family members and/or children 12 to 17 years old and seniors 65 and over who live at the same address as the employee; only one member over 17 and under 65 can be added as an Add-on.

Employee $0.00 Initiation Fee
$27.99 dues/month
$0.00 Initiation Fee
$42.99 dues/month
$0.00 Initiation Fee
$71.99 dues/month
Each Add-On* $0.00 Initiation Fee
$27.99 additional dues/month
$0.00 Initiation Fee
$42.99 additional dues/month
$0.00 Initiation Fee
$71.99 additional dues/month

How do I take advantage of my preferred pricing?

  1. Online Enrollment - Follow these simple steps: Note: Add-on members must enroll on-site or in a club.

  2. Or, simply visit the Club of Choice

No matter how you get started, here is what you will need:

  • Tell them your corporate number is: 102131CORP.
  • Please bring your ID badge, recent paycheck stub, or business card for proof.
  • You will need first and last month's dues paid at the time of joining (paid by CC or check - online = CC only).

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: The CAO Risk Management Employee Wellness Program at (510) 271-5190 or email us.