Take Action!

We urge you to join us in taking action against state budget cuts and for restorations to essential social service programs. Speak up and add your voice to the stories of Nestor, Barbara, and Judy. Contact your state legislator and tell them how important our social safety net is for children, families, seniors, and people living with disabilities in Alameda County.

We know that too many Alameda County residents are living with incredible hardship and poverty – it’s time for us to reach out to our legislators and do something about it. Watch Marva Lyons explain it in terms we can all understand:

Step 1. Look Up & Contact Your Elected Representatives

Lookup Elected Representatives
We encourage you to personalize and send the following message to your elected official, or use the information for a phone call:

"As an Alameda County resident, I’m urging you to act in support of our social safety net. After years of state budget cuts, children, families, people with disabilities, and older adults are struggling to make ends meet and get essential services. There is a human cost to state budget cuts that we here in Alameda County feel every day. As our representative in Sacramento, I urge you to speak up in support of essential services like childcare, IHSS, CalWORKs, and food stamps. Thank you for your consideration of these important issues."

Click the following link to access the website of California Governor Jerry Brown. Use the language above or your own words to tell him why the social safety net is important to you. You may also phone the Governor at (916) 445-2841:
Email California Governor Jerry Brown

Step 2. Exercise Your Right to Vote

You can help elect officials that will protect our social safety net. Register to vote if you aren't already:
Register to Vote
You can check if you are registered to vote in Alameda County by using the My Voter Profile app:
Check My Voter Profile

Step 3. Join the Human Impact Budget & Tell Your Story!

We know there are thousands of stories in Alameda County about how budget decisions impact people’s lives. Speak up and add your voice to the stories shared here:

Share Your Story

"In the end, the budget is not about numbers, it's about people."

~ Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan

"I look at my kids and I wonder what it’s going to be like in 20 years, how are their lives going to be impacted by budget cuts?"

~ Ronnie Caldwell, CalWORKs Recipient Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chgan speaks at a rally. A woman speaks at the Alameda County Board of Suvervisor meetings on the Human Impact Budget. Older citizens attend a rally against busget cuts.