Map Submittal Requirements

The review and approval of final maps (Tract Maps and Parcel Maps) is conducted simultaneously by the Development Services Department and County Surveyor's Office of the Public Works Agency. The applicant begins by contacting the Development Services Department to pay a deposit fee and establish a work order number. Please note that the deposit is required during the tentative map stage with the County's Community Development Agency. Thereafter, the engineer/surveyor will submit site plan related documents for approval to the Development Services Department. They will also submit the final map, together with the Survey related documents (Survey Package) to the Development Services Department who will forward the package to the Survey Department. The checklist for the contents of the Survey Section submittal package (given to the applicant at the time the deposit is made) is shown below:

First Submittal Requirements for Tract Maps and Parcel Maps

Survey Department Package

  1. Three (3) sets of the preliminary tract/parcel maps.
  2. Boundary and parcel closure reports (gross and net areas) together with coordinates of found and adjacent street monuments (computer printout to four decimal places).
  3. A current preliminary title report (less than 6 months old).
  4. A copy of the vesting deed and the deeds referenced in the vesting deed. Submit copies of any deed reference shown on the map (adjoiners, easements, etc.). A hard copy of the plotting of the deeds, if any is available, should be submitted.
  5. Copies of all maps used in the survey, filed or non-filed.
  6. A surveyor's report explaining how the exterior boundary was developed.

The Survey Department will notify Development Services Department when they have completed their review. Upon final approval by both departments, the Development Services Department will call for the final map to be submitted for signature by the County Surveyor and subsequent recording.

Please use the following link to the Alameda County Subdivision Ordinance (Title 16) to view survey related guidelines (Chapters 16.04 through 16.32) that supplement the final map requirements otherwise provided by the Subdivision Map Act.

Please note that all fees associated with the processing of final maps are determined and collected by the Development Services Department.

Contact Information

Arthur Valderrama, Development Services Department, (510) 670-5260
Ian Wilson, County Surveyor, (510) 670-5495

The County Surveyor's Office is responsible for reviewing and approving all annexation maps in the County of Alameda. The private engineer or land surveyor preparing the map and legal description is asked to submit the package to the County Surveyor for review and processing. The County Surveyor will notify Alameda Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) when the map and legal description have been "pre-approved". LAFCo will then take action to place the application onto their Board Agenda for consideration.

The County Surveyor's Office requires an initial deposit in the amount of $5,000 to begin the review process. Checks should be made payable to the Alameda County Treasurer.

Please go to the Alameda LAFCo website to view the "Application and Related Materials" index.

See "Map and Legal Description Requirements" under Appendix C for the instructions for preparation of Maps and Geographic Descriptions.

The County Surveyor's Office reviews and approves all Records of Surveys to be filed in Alameda County. Upon final approval, the County Surveyor will sign and forward the map to the Recorder's office for filing.

The County's review fee for a Record of Survey is five hundred dollars ($500.00) per sheet. If a record of survey includes a cover sheet which contains predominately technical information such as vicinity maps, legends, references, required statements, etc., then that sheet shall not be counted in computing the five hundred ($500.00) per sheet fee. The map filing fee is eighty three dollars ($83.00) for the first sheet plus two dollars ($2.00) for each additional sheet.

Record of Survey

Submittal Requirements

Initial Submittal Package

  • 3 paper copies of map.
  • Map Examination and Recorders' fees: $500.00 per sheet review fee, $83.00 filing fee for the first page, $2.00 for each additional sheet. Make checks payable to Treasurer of County of Alameda.
  • Recorded deed of the surveyed property.
  • Recorded deeds to adjoining properties.
  • Any deeds referred to in the above deeds.
  • All maps or references used in survey, filed or non-filed.
  • Recorded Boundary Adjustments and Certificates of Compliance, if pertinent.
  • Closure calculations: In addition to the subject parcel, the closure reports should include traverse data sufficient to verify all dimensions and ties shown on the map, including block and monument line traverse data.
  • Any other pertinent information.

Note: Clearly mark any submitted reference material that you want returned, and provide a return envelope with sufficient postage.

Final Submittal Package

  • Upon final approval, please submit the original mylar signed and stamped by the Land Surveyor or by the Registered Engineer authorized to practice land surveying along with two (2) paper copies (also signed and stamped).
  • Please be advised that the Recorder is enforcing the "entirely blank margin of one inch" standard and also the "18 by 26 inches" sheet size standard cited in Sec. 8763 of the PLS Act and may reject the map for filing if the borders and sheet size of both the mylar and the paper prints are not full size.

The following required statements shall appear on the Record of Survey: Form (PDF)

The County Surveyor's Office reviews and approves all Corner Records filed in Alameda County. The Corner Record is filed "in house" and an index is kept at the Public Works Agency.

Corner Record

Submittal Requirements

  • The initial submittal should include two (2) paper copies signed, and sealed (stamped).
  • Copy of the record reference maps used to establish the subject property.
  • Copy of the City Monument Map or Monument Card(s) used to establish the relationships shown on the corner record.
  • Closure calculations supporting the mathematical development of any non-record ties shown on the corner record.
  • Copy of the government notes if filing for government subject areas.
  • An address or Assessor Parcel Number of the property being surveyed.
  • The filing fee is $18.00. Make checks payable to Treasurer of County of Alameda.
  • Upon approval, the original cardstock shall be submitted for filing.
  • Please use the Board of Registration approved corner record form.

Please contact the Survey Department with all map submittal questions.

Ian Wilson, County Surveyor, (510) 670-5495

Ben Arcibal, (510) 670-6483