Photo of flowers with inductee name Peggy Bristol

Peggy Bristol was inducted into the Justice Category in 2015.

My Story

Peggy Bristol is an Oakland-based immigration attorney who specializes in helping unaccompanied immigrant children, most of whom were forced to flee from their countries of origin and could face life-threatening situations if forced to return, receive legal status in the U.S. by applying for Special Juvenile Immigration Status (SJIS) or asylum. Though she became an attorney as a mid-life second career, Peggy has quickly developed a solid reputation in the Bay Area for her expertise in SIJS cases, working tirelessly to meet the challenges that come with the rapid rise in immigration cases involving children - often from Central America - who have arrived in this country with little in the way of family or financial support. With offices at the Oakland Peace Center, located in an Oakland church, Peggy integrates spirituality in her practice as part of her efforts to maintain a holistic approach to helping clients. She has helped lead panel discussions at Bay Area workshops in the areas of SJIS, and is currently working with a faith-based group to develop trainings to apprise them of the latest changes in immigration law and to protect them from a dramatic rise of scams that seek to prey on newly arrived immigrants.