How can I apply for the Alameda County Citizens Academy?

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What is the Citizens Academy?

The Alameda County Citizens Academy is a free 6-session interactive program that provides insight to County services and operations and offers opportunities for civic engagement in the County.

The Alameda County Citizens Academy, formerly known as the Adult Leadership Academy, was founded in 2001 by County Administrator, Susan S. Muranishi, with the full support of the Board of Supervisors.

It provides an excellent opportunity for the community to increase their knowledge of county government and its impact. Through presentations by top County leaders, participants benefit from a unique interactive learning and behind the scenes experience. Refreshed programming includes tours of key County facilities, demonstrations of specialized equipment, hands-on exercises designed to illustrate the impact of County services in the community and opportunities for citizen engagement.

What are the Goals of the Citizens Academy?

Increase Knowledge of Citizens.
Participants become better informed about the role and structure of Alameda County in the community and gain a better understanding about what is required to run a county.
Civic Engagement.
The ACCA is a program of civic engagement and increases on-going citizen participation in County government. Citizens learn how they can be more involved with Alameda County.
Participants have the opportunity to connect with other citizens from around the County. Participants and staff foster enhanced communication.

Who Can Participate?

The Academy is open to anyone who lives, works, or owns a business in Alameda County who has an interest in County government.

The program is free, but enrollment is limited.

In and efort to reflect a cross-section of Alameda County residents, employees and businesses, some consideration will be given to geographic location.

When are the Sessions?

Sessions are held from September to November of each year. The dates for this year's Alameda County Citizens Academy are listed below. Sessions are held on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at various locations throught the County. The program is facilitated by the County Administrator's Office and each session is hosted by different County Agencies or Departments.

To successfull complete the Academy and participate in graduation, each participant must attend five of the six sessions.

Session dates will be finalized and posted in early July.

Procedure Requirements

Interested individuals submit an on-line application during the annual summer enrollment period. A limited number of participants (approximately 60) will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. However, in an effort to have countywide representation, we may consider geographic location.

The Academy is free to participants.


To graduate paricipants MUST attend five of the six sessions.

A special graduation ceremony will conclude the Alameda County Citizens Academy. Graduates will be recognized by members of the Board of Supervisors, receive a graduation certificate, and enjoy a graduation reception. Family, friends, and employers will be invited to attend in recognition of the graduate's contribution to the County.

"The Academy provided beneficial insight into our county's programs, operations and general management that all residents and voters should be aware of. I have a more educated perspective on issues that impact me as both an Alameda County resident and a public administrator - and feel like a more responsible citizen for participating in this program. I highly recommend it to others."

- H. Hafer