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Alameda County, CA,
Auditor-Controller Agency Tax Analysis Unit

Property Tax Rates and Refunds

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ADVISORY: It has been brought to the County's attention that certain organizations are offering to obtain uncontested tax refunds from the County on taxpayers' behalf for a large fee. This is an advisory that if you have such a refund owed to you due to overpayment of property taxes or an adjustment in property assessed value, you are entitled to receive that refund directly from the County at no cost. To see if you are due a refund, please click on Refunds and complete the comment section advising that you are inquiring about a refund. Please include the property's parcel number (APN), address and your name. We will inform you whether or not a refund is currently due and the process for obtaining such a refund.

  • Tax Rates ›
    Provides the detail for the tax rate used in calculating that portion of your property tax bill based on the assessed value of your property. You can search for tax rates based on parcel number, address, city or unincorporated representative area or tax rate area.
  • Debt Service Tax Rates by District Type ›
    Provides the rates levied by various districts as a result of voter-approved debt/bonds. Multiple years available for comparison.
  • 2023/24 Tax Rate Book ›  (PDF - 1.2 Mb) *
    Provides tax rate information for all tax rate areas within the County.
  • Prior Years Tax Rate Books ›
    Provides tax rate information for all tax rate areas within the County for prior years.
  • Fixed Charges and/or Special Assessments Contact Information ›
    Provides a phone number for each fixed charge and/or special assessment included on your property tax bill. Information about the fixed charge and/or special assessment, including the application process for exemption(s) that may be offered, is available by calling the phone number listed.