Property Taxes

Returned Checks

If your tax payment made by check or Echeck is returned unpaid for any reason by your financial institution, your tax obligation will change its paid status to unpaid (outstanding), and will be subject to applicable late payment penalties and costs, if the payment is delinquent.

In addition, Alameda County charges a $61.00 fee for each returned check. Your financial institution may charge additional fees.

A returned check notification will be sent to you via email or mail , requesting the total taxes to be paid including penalties, costs (if applicable) and returned check fees. A copy of the returned check for check payment is mailed with the notification.

Please note that if a credit card payment is returned for any reason by your credit card company other than a valid charge back request, the same returned check fees will be applied to the total tax due plus penalties and costs, if applicable.

All communications regarding returned checks (unpaid) may be made in writing to Alameda County Tax Collector’s Office, to the attention of Returned Checks-Cashiering Unit, at 1221 Oak Street Room 131, Oakland, CA 94612 or by telephone at (510) 272-5040.