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Alameda County, CA,
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Training, education and technical assistance opportunities are provided to enhance SLEBs successful participation in County procurement and contracting programs.

The County of Alameda will:

  • Conduct outreach activities through participation in Business Outreach Bureau (BOB) meetings, networking/bidder/proposer conferences, Interagency Alliance events, community meetings, distribution of SLEB program information, etc., in order to encourage the participation of small local and emerging businesses in the SLEB program; Calendar of Events
  • Identify and eliminate institutional or procedural barriers which could prohibit or inhibit active participation by SLEBs in County contracting opportunities;
  • Provide on-going public information on County's policy regarding SLEB participation and program elements;
  • Provide assistance to SLEBs to facilitate a better understanding of the County's procurement and contracting practices;
  • Maintain and distribute information about available SLEBs;
  • Maintain communication with appropriate associations, industries, organizations, etc., in order to promote and facilitate utilization of SLEBs;
  • Develop technical partnerships to provide training and capacity building opportunities for SLEBs;
  • Manage and evaluate SLEB program components including, but not limited to monitoring participation of contractors and subcontractors and program compliance;
  • Perform ongoing assessment of program effectiveness and implement enhancements including, but not limited to, contractor and subcontractor support components for bonding and assistance, mentor protégé, financial assistance, job training and screening and other services.