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Technical Help

Having trouble logging on?

Did you enter password with upper and lower case exactly as it was given to you?

Did you try '0'(zero) instead of 'O'(capital O), '1'(one) instead of 'l'(lower-case L), and vice versa?

Text too small or too large?

Try resetting the font size in your browser.

Internet Explorer:

  • Under 'View' menu, select Text Size. Medium is our recommended setting.

Netscape 6:

  • Under 'View' menu, select Text Size. Recommended setting is 100%.

Netscape 4:

  • Under 'View' menu, select Increase or Decrease Font.

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Invalid date format?

All dates need to be entered in the format of mm/dd/yyyy. That is, 2-digit for month, slash, 2-digit for day, slash, then 4-digit year.

For example, April 15, 2001 is entered as 04/15/2001.

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Invalid phone number format?

All phone numbers are broken up to 3 pieces: area code, prefix, and suffix.
Area Code must be 3 digits, prefix must be 3 digits, and suffix must be 4 digits.

Unable to use email link?

Links to an email address only work if your browser is set up for it.
For example:

In Internet Explorer 5: Go to Tools-->Internet Options-->Programs, enter the appropriate settings.

In Netscape 4: Go to Edit-->Preferences-->Mail&Newsgroups-->Mail Servers, enter appropriate settings. Please check with your Internet Service Provider for detail instructions.

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