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Frequently Asked Questions – Employer Pull Notice Program

What is the Employer Pull Notice Program?

The Employer Pull Notice (EPN) Program allows the County to monitor the driving record on employees that are required to drive for the County.

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What are the benefits of having employees enroll in the Employer Pull Notice Program?

The benefits of having employees enroll in the Pull Notice Program are:

  • To verify all employees who drives in the course of performing work for the County have a valid driver’s license;
  • To helping to minimize the County’s liability by revealing problem driving behaviors; and
  • To improve public safety

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Do all County employees have to enroll in the Pull Notice Program?

No, only those employees who use a vehicle, either personal or County owned, to conduct County business need to enroll.

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What is the process for enrolling in the Employer Pull Notice Program?

Each employee that is required to drive must fill out a DMV authorization form and submit it to their Agency/Department’s personnel representative. The form will then be sent to County’s Risk Management Unit (RMU). The Risk Management Unit will then enroll the employee with the state DMV and will receive a current Driver Record Information (DRI) for each employee. Risk Management will review the DRI to determine if the employee has a valid driver’s license.

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Does this apply just to employees who are in job classifications for which the job specification requires a valid driver’s license?

No. There are many job classifications that do not specify the need for a driver’s license, but for which the employee drives periodically to different County sites to carry out job duties. Those employees must also participate in the County’s Employer Pull Notice Program.

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Who identifies whether or not an employee needs to drive to carry out his/her job duties even if it is not specified in the job classification?

The employee’s supervisor, manager and the Department HR will make this determination.

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What if an employee only uses his/her own car to drive on County business?

It doesn’t matter whether employees drive their own personal vehicles or use a County vehicle. As long as an employee drives on County business, he/she must enroll in the Employer Pull Notice Program.

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What if an employee rarely drives on County business, e.g., two or three times a year?

If employees drive on County business even once, they must enroll in the Employer Pull Notice Program. Driving for County business may include driving to training, driving to attend occasional meetings, or driving to deliver or pick up material for County business.

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Where does information about the employee’s driving record come from?

Information about the employee’s driving record comes from the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles.

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Can the County monitor out-of-state drivers?

Yes. The employee must complete a modified DMV Form INF1101 for out-of-state drivers. This form is available in the forms section of the Risk management Website.

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Are the driving record information kept confidential?

Yes. The driving records supplied by the DMV are sent directly to the Risk Management Unit and only reviewed by the appropriate personnel. If there is negative activity on the record that warrants action, it is discussed directly with the departmental personnel officer. The records are kept in a locked cabinet at all times.

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Will employees have to re-enroll in the Employer Pull Notice Program annually?

No, once employees are enrolled, they will remain in the Program until the County notifies the DMV to remove them from the EPN Program.

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If an employee transfers to my department from another department, do they have to re-enroll?

No, the employee does not have to enroll in the EPN Program if they transfer to a different department unless they went from a "non-driving" position to a "driving" position.

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What happens if the employee does not have a current valid driver’s license?

This will be addressed by the HR Manager and the department. The action taken will depend on several factors including the employee’s job responsibilities, the job classification, and the needs of the unit.

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What if an employee refuses to enroll or states that they no longer will drive for County business?

Under section 3.32.030 of the Admin Code, "Employees that fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this Vehicle Use Policy may be subject to disciplinary action from their Agency/Department and/or loss of their County motor vehicle driving privilege."

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Who should I contact if I have questions about the Pull Notice Program?

For questions about enrolling or deleting an employee from the EPN Program, contact Kimberly Stokes, Risk Management Unit, at (510) 272-6452.

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