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Diversity Programs, a part of the Office of the County Counsel

What We Do

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The Diversity Programs have countywide responsibility for ensuring that the County's employment policies and practices are non-discriminatory. The purpose of the Diversity Programs is to help the County to realize diversity and inclusion as an integral organizational strategy, provide a workplace free of discrimination and harassment, achieve diversity in the workforce, and encourage an environment of respect where cultural differences and similarities are valued.

Diversity Programs develop and implement programs/policies which support the Diversity Programs' policy statement which as a whole is a policy of inclusion to fully utilize the talent and skills of all employees to provide the very best in customer service to the very diverse community of Alameda County. Diversity provides support in the following areas:

  • Affirmative Action - Federal law requires the County to prepare an annual Affirmative Action Plan (AAP). The AAP is a tool that helps the County ensure equal opportunity in recruitment, hiring and employment; by identifying deficiencies, and determining corrective actions through compliance monitoring.
  • American Disabilities Act Program Access - Qualified individuals with disabilities may be provided reasonable accommodations to ensure equal opportunity in all aspects of employment, programs, activities and services, except when such an accommodation would cause an undue hardship to the County. Additionally, the County is equally committed to ensuring employees, applicants and the public accessibility to County facilities.
  • Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) - The aim of this program is to integrate Alameda County's workforce with its policies, practices and systems in such a way as to maximize each employee's potential with the opportunity to contribute to the County's mission of reflecting the population of the communities it serves in all its dimensions. As a whole the County seeks to have a culturally Competent workforce which is able to solve problems, make decisions and resolve conflicts in ways that optimize cultural differences for better, longer lasting, and more creative solutions.

    Managing diversity is the process of creating and maintaining an environment that naturally enables all participants to contribute to their full potential in pursuit of organizational objectives. - R. Roosevelt Thomas
  • Equal Employment Opportunity - The County's discrimination/harassment complaint process allows an employee or applicant to seek resolution of complaints at either the County or Agency/Department level. The agency/department's Personnel Officer or Diversity Coordinator administers the departmental level complaint process, while the County process is administered by Diversity Programs.
  • Multilingual/Multicultural - The County supports and promotes activities and services reflecting its multi-ethnic, multi-racial, and multilingual workforce and communities. Educational and awareness activities like cultural festivities and language line services are available to assist limited and Non-English speakers in accessing County services and programs.
  • Supplier Diversity - The aim of supplier diversity initiatives is to encourage the use of diversely-owned historically underutilized businesses throughout the County's contracting opportunities. Such diversely-owned business may include, but is not limited to firms owned by persons of color, small firms, women, emerging, members of the LGBT community, persons with disabilities, veterans and service disabled veterans. Supplier diversity efforts have the ability to boost the local economy by supporting small business' innovation, growth and talent development which directly impacts the firms' communities and the county at large.
  • Whistleblower Complaint Process - Pursuant to Alameda County Administrative Code 3.52, it is the intent of the County to protect employees from being subjected to reprisal actions for having disclosed certain types of information. Protected disclosure includes evidence regarding mismanagement or a significant waste of funds and abuse of authority, or a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety.

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