Image of Pam Hullinger

Pam Hullinger was inducted into the Science category in 2008.

My Story

As a youngster growing up five blocks away from the Santa Anita Race Track, Pam Hullinger dreamed of being a veterinarian. That dream led Pam to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where as the lab's Chief Veterinary Officer she is a national leader in efforts to prevent the introduction and spread of foreign animal diseases. Pam's expertise brought her to the front lines of the foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in Great Britain in 2001. She also played an important role in working to contain equine West Nile disease in California. At the Livermore lab, Pam has been closely involved in the development of a rapid test to detect foot-and-mouth and six other livestock diseases, which could save large numbers of animals and significantly reduce costs to U.S. agriculture.