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Judy Goff was inducted into the Non-Traditional Careers category in 2009.

My Story

Judy Goff is a visionary leader who spent decades fighting for workers' rights and economic justice. Judy was statewide President of SEIU Local 535, and became the first woman to lead a major labor council in California when, in 1983, she became President of the Alameda County Labor Council. She held the position until 1999, then was the Council's Secretary-Treasurer until 2005. Under her leadership, the Council fought successfully for passage of living wage ordinances in Berkeley, Hayward, Oakland and at the Port of Oakland. A resident of Alameda, Judy co-sponsored the Labor Project for Working Families, which led to passage of Paid Family Leave in California in 2002. She also spearheaded labor's efforts to dredge the Port of Oakland to reap additional economic benefits to the region.