Image of Mona Vaughn Scott

Mona Vaughn Scott was inducted into the Culture & Art category in 2009.

My Story

Propelled by her motto, "to dream it is to accomplish it", Mona Vaughn Scott has guided the Black Repertory Group in Berkeley for the past 20 years. In doing so, Mona follows in the footsteps of her late mother, Black Repertory Group founder Nora Vaughn. As the theater group's executive director, Mona has mentored actors, developed after-school programs for youth, facilitated self-esteem-building workshops and utilized performance to reach out to people in communities affected by substance abuse and violence. Mona's supporters cite her vision, persistence and faith as key ingredients of her successful stewardship of the Black Repertory Group. By bringing together people who value the arts, Mona has helped the theater thrive in an environment where funding is scarce, ensuring the continued viability of a treasured cultural resource.