Image of Hope A. Michelsen

Hope A. Michelsen was inducted into the Science category in 2013.

My Story

Hope A. Michelsen is a combustion and atmospheric chemist at Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore and a lead researcher on several exciting projects related to energy and climate. One focus area aims to understand production of combustion particles and reduce their emissions. This work entails probing flames with high-power lasers and studying processes that occur on nanosecond timescales. Another focus involves tracing the origin of greenhouse gases and climate-changing particles to determine whether they come from natural or man-made sources. The project aims to assist in finding ways to mitigate emission impacts on the environment. Hope is a trailblazer whose career in science has focused on traditionally male-dominated areas, and she works hard to promote the kind of inclusive workplace that did not exist for most of her career.