Photo of flowers with inductee name Farmaan Judge

Farmaan Judge was inducted into the Youth Category in 2015.

My Story

Farmaan Judge is a senior at Newark Memorial High School who founded an organization that provides funds to help children living in poverty have access to quality education. In doing so, she has helped raise the awareness of her peers about the difficult conditions endured by children in other countries, and to help them understand what she calls the basic truth that "education is the key to escaping the clutches of poverty." Farmaan founded Education 2 Future, which began by focusing on helping one young girl in La Paz, Mexico by providing her with scholarships to pay for a full year of school, plus clothing and transportation costs. Farmaan’s work is not only having an international impact. It is also inspiring fellow students to devote time to community service. She recently organized a “Change for Change” campaign rally at her school that drew 2,000 students; the campaign also raised $500 through donations by students. She also started a “junior interact club” at a local elementary school to enlist the involvement of younger students in movements for social change. Farmaan has worked hard to generate support among her peers and her efforts are having an impact far beyond Alameda County. She has applied to college and is awaiting word on her applications to schools including Harvard and Georgetown Universities. She hopes one day to be a pediatrician.