Photo of Quinn Delaney

Quinn Delaney was inducted into the Philanthropy Category in 2016.

My Story

Quinn Delaney is the founder and President of Akonadi Foundation, which focuses on supporting a movement for racial justice. Through the foundation, named for a West African goddess of justice, Quinn explores the ways in which we can change the institutions and systems that continue to have a negative impact on people of color. Much of that work is local where Akonadi works toward a vision of equity for young people of color in Oakland. Working in philanthropy, Quinn strives to listen to leaders in the community and take her lead from them as she develops strategies to support work that creates change. She believes that philanthropy is best when it respects the wisdom of the community and works in true partnership with people who are most affected by the circumstances that one is seeking to change. Through her work, Quinn has seen the impact of people of color coming together to create institutional change, such as changes in education policies, policing policies and economic policies. Quinn also sees her role as bridging community movements with elected officials and policy leaders to foster a productive environment for progressive change.