Photo of Gail D. Hunter

Gail D. Hunter was inducted into the Sports & Athletics Category in 2016.

My Story

Gail is Vice President of Public Affairs and Event Management with the World Champion Golden State Warriors. She also serves on the Board of the Golden State Warriors Foundation, which makes significant and lasting impacts in the lives of underserved youth across the Bay Area. An attorney by training, Gail has helped to carve new pathways for women in leadership positions in professional sports. Before joining the Warriors, Gail excelled in positions with the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, the Seattle Mariners baseball team and the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Gail is an active member of Women In Sports & Events, or WISE, where she has expanded on her long-term commitment to promoting and mentoring women and girls. She has been closely involved in expanded efforts by the Warriors Foundation to work with and support underserved youth across the Bay Area. These efforts have helped create a network of youth service providers supported by the Foundation, including Girls' Inc., Boys & Girls Clubs, Youth Uprising and the YMCA. Gail's work has helped to seal the Warriors' reputation as champions in the community as well as on the basketball court.