Photo of Aloysia Rochon Fouché

Aloysia Rochon Fouché was inducted into the Non-Traditional Careers Category in 2016.

My Story

Aloysia Rochon Fouché was a distinguished teacher and principal, earning accolades that included being named both Oakland and Alameda County Teacher of the Year. When her husband passed away in 2001, Aloysia became CEO and Owner of Fouch'’s Hudson Funeral Home with the determination to continue her husband's legacy and to continue to serve Bay Area families. She earned her Funeral Director's License and exchanged her mastery of running a classroom for running a successful business, therefore, learning about profit/loss statements, business operations, hiring and motivating personnel and other factors vital to retaining the funeral home’s position as a pillar of Oakland's business community. Aloysia became one of the country's few female funeral home owners. She propelled her company to become the first African American owned business to reach 100 years of doing business in the City of Oakland and in fact, in the Western Region of the United States. Aloysia earned national accolades in the funeral profession being named 2015 Trailblazer in Funeral Service from Matthews International and Living Legend 2012 from 100 Black Women in Funeral Service. The legacy continues. Aloysia has launched the Fouche Foundation Fund which will grant selected individuals that have a "Vision to Vocation."