Photo of Beena Ammanath.

Beena Ammanath was inducted into the Science, Technology, Engineering Category in 2018.

My Story

Beena Ammanath is a pioneering technology leader whose work has shaped the use of Artificial Intelligence, data and analytics at several leading companies. She is also a devoted mentor to many women in technology and a staunch advocate of programs addressing unique career challenges women face. Beena is currently the Global Vice President of AI, Data and Innovation at Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Palo Alto. As a leading tech visionary, she has helped craft innovative solutions for marquee companies such as GE, Bank of America, British Telecom and E*TRADE. Beena is also the founder and CEO of Humans For AI, a nonprofit focused on increasing women and minorities in technology by making Artificial Intelligence accessible to all. Inspired by her own experience, Beena is a staunch advocate for programs helping women to re-enter the workforce after they have stepped away to manage life events.