Photo of Nicole Curran.

Nicole Curran was inducted into the Philanthropy Category in 2018.

My Story

Nicole Curran is Board President of the Warriors Community Foundation, the charitable arm of the Golden State Warriors. Under her leadership and vision, the Foundation has delivered over $9 million in grants and other charitable measures to help support educational equity and opportunity for underserved youth in the Bay Area, making it one of the most generous foundations in professional sports. The Foundation has donated thousands of tickets to local youth and community leaders who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to experience a Warriors game and NBA basketball. Additionally, in an effort to ensure that our youth have a safe and above-standard place to play, the Foundation has refurbished more than 70 basketball courts locally, many under Curran’s guidance. Her dedication and drive to help others is fueled by Curran’s own humble beginnings, which have now paved the way for youth throughout the Bay Area to draw inspiration and realize their dreams.