Photo of Wendy Sommer.

Wendy Sommer was inducted into the Environment Category in 2018.

My Story

Wendy Sommer is the Executive Director of StopWaste, a public agency that helps Alameda County waste less, recycle more and conserve resources. She has been at the forefront of sustainability leadership in the East Bay and California for more than 25 years. Her efforts have focused on coalition building and creating partnerships, resulting in the development of standard-setting programs for green building, energy efficiency, and resource conservation. Wendy led efforts to diversify funding for StopWaste, helping to double the agency’s operational budget and leading to the formation of a regional energy joint powers authority known as the Energy Council. She also managed construction of StopWaste’s headquarters in Oakland, one of the first green-building projects of its kind on the West Coast. She is currently focused on actions that have multiple benefits for our communities, including programs to reduce food waste and excess packaging.