Photo of Bakesale Betty Alison Barakat.

"Bakesale Betty" Alison Barakat was inducted into the Business & Professions Category in 2024.

My Story

Alison moved to the Bay Area from her home in Australia in the year 2000. She had two suitcases and $10,000 and was ready for an adventure! She landed in Berkeley and was in the right place at the right time and got a job at Chez Panisse Cafe as a line cook. Two years later, she found her passion in baking and selling desserts at local farmers markets. Through guidance from a nonprofit helping women entrepreneurs, she created "Bakesale Betty," featuring delicious chicken sandwiches and baked goods, complete with her persona as Betty in her trademark blue wig. Alison's business was selected as the only Alameda County restaurant to be included in the inaugural opening of the Golden State Warrior's new Chase Center. The Bakesale Betty brand remains strong in Oakland and Alison continues to use her food as comfort for her loyal customers and through her donations for those with food insecurity in Alameda County.