Cultural Subcommittee Workplan

Purpose: To identify, evaluate and pursue opportunities for cultural exchange (music, art, dance, and all forms of entertainment) between Alameda County and Taoyuan County and to recommend to the Association those cultural events and exchanges most appropriately promoted by the Association.

2000-01 Workplan

  • Seek a contact in Taoyuan County or the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office to provide regular updates on Taoyuan artists or exhibits coming to the Bay Area.

  • Invite a Taoyuan group to visit and perform during either Asian Heritage Month (May 2001) or during the Alameda County.

  • Use the Association web site to promote visiting cultural events or groups planning to visit Taoyuan.

  • Develop a calendar of major Alameda County Taiwanese heritage events or celebrations (date, place, etc.).

  • Seek funding to sponsor an Alameda County artist or exhibit to visit Taoyuan County.

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