Goals and Objectives

Goal One: To establish an organizational and leadership structure for the Sister County Association to guide and to perform the Association's activities.

  • Objective One: Adopt a mission statement, goals, and objectives for the Association as well as roles and responsibilities for all Association members.

  • Objective Two: Adopt a subcommittee structure, confirm subcommittee members, convene subcommittees to select subcommittee chairperson and develop a recommendation of key activities for review and approval by the Association.

  • Objective Three: Using subcommittee recommendations, develop and approve a two-year Committee workplan of future activities and exchanges for fiscal years 2000-01 and 2001-02.

Goal Two: To successfully host delegations from Taoyuan County, Taiwan four times each year.

  • Objective One: Have one or more representatives of the Association greet each delegation in person and present the delegation with a token or gift from the Alameda County Sister County Association.

  • Objective Two: Arrange for each delegation to experience an activity that showcases the artistic, cultural or educational accomplishments of Alameda County.

  • Objective Three: Provide each delegation with information about Alameda County's cultural, educational, and business activities that could be shared with colleagues, family, and friends.

Goal Three: To obtain and disseminate to the people of Alameda County information about culture, education and business activities of Taoyuan County, Taiwan.

  • Objective One: Promote participation of one or more Alameda County residents in any delegation visit or trade mission to Taoyuan County.

  • Objective Two: Encourage Taoyuan County to send artistic, cultural and educational events to Alameda County and to promote these events when in Alameda County.

  • Objective Three: Participate in local cultural and international events on behalf of Taoyuan County to provide participants with information about Taoyuan County.

Goal Four: To raise funds and obtain other contributions to support the Association's goals and objectives.

  • Objective One: Seek direct financial donations to the Association on an ongoing basis.

  • Objective Two: Recruit volunteers and other in-kind donated resources.

  • Objective Three: Conduct at least one fundraising event each year, either as a stand-alone event or in conjunction with a delegation visit from Taoyuan County.

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