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Office of the Agency Director Programs

Office of the Agency Director Programs

Health Care Services Agency strives to interact, understand, and promote accessible, responsive and effective services for the people and communities of Alameda County. We must constantly evaluate and initiate new programs for the changing needs of all residents.

The programs shown in the column to the left are currently functioning to meet these needs. Please select one of the programs to view a summary of its intent and purpose, and also the coordinating staff contact information.

Alameda County Health Care for the Homeless

Network of health centers and community based organizations that serves people experiencing homelessness.

Ashland Youth Center Project

Young people coming together with concerned adults to address the needs of youth in the community.


(Court Appointed Special Advocate) A nationally-based organization that provides one-to-one court advocacy to abused, neglected and abandoned children who are dependents of the juvenile court.


A collaboration between the Alameda County Emergency Medical Services and SHS Coalition.

Fund Development Office

Prepares grant applications, coordinates fund development activities, and provides technical assistance for fund development planning to departments and divisions across the Agency.

Health Insurance Enrollment Assistant

Pre-screens Alameda County residents on the phone and provides information and referrals for application assistance for health insurance programs.

Health Program of Alameda County (HealthPAC)

Provides affordable health care to uninsured people living in Alameda County.


Interagency Children's Policy Council) Develops funding streams to facilitate integrated services programs for children and families and increase the efficiency of administering children's services.

Juvenile Justice Center

A one-stop resource center providing warm hand-offs to JJC youth returning to the community.


Offers a way for Local Government Agencies (LGAs) and Local Educational Cortia (LECs) to obtain federal reimbursement for the cost of certain administrative activities necessary for the proper and efficient administration of the Medi-Cal program.

Measure A

The Essential Health Care Service Initiative.

Office of Homeless Care and Coordination

Implements expanded homeless services and supports and leads the development of a strategic framework to address homelessness. The Office is building a robust, integrated, and coordinated system of homelessness and housing services in Alameda County to better serve our most vulnerable residents.

Alameda County Safety Net Working Group on Opioid Prescribing

The Coalition is a community collaborative to gather health plans, primary care providers, hospitals, behavioral health specialists, and pharmacies together to work on priorities related to overdose prevention in Alameda County communities.


School Health Services

Works to build communities of care that foster the academic success, health, and well-being of Alameda County children, youth, and families.