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Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of natural death in the US, killing more people than lung cancer, breast cancer, and AIDS combined. Without CPR, a patient's chance of survival decreases by 7 to 10% every minute. In Alameda County, only 30% of the 900 citizens who sustain sudden cardiac arrest yearly at home or in the community receive CPR in the critical minutes before first responders arrive.

The CPR 7 Project, a collaboration between the Alameda County Emergency Medical Services and SHS Coalition, aims to train 15,000 7th graders in CPR each year using the CPR AnytimeTM kit developed by the American Heart Association. If these students train an average of 5 other people, 75,000 people will be exposed to CPR annually in Alameda County. Research has shown that using these kits can dramatically increase bystander CPR, and that teaching youth to perform CPR has a cascade effect. Our goal is to increase Alameda County's CPR bystander rate to 60% in 3 years.


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