Photograph of 5 members of the EMS Corps posing infront of an ambulance.

Legislative Education and Outreach

ICPC provides leadership in the advocacy and development of legislative policies that improve and enhance service delivery and outcomes for children and youth. Using the indicators for success as an advocacy focus for 2017, ICPC created a 2017 Policy Agenda for Children and Youth (PDF - 2mb)*. This platform was incorporated into the Alameda County Legislative Platform (PDF - 681kb)*.

ICPC tracks the status of State and Federal legislation for children and youth supported by Alameda County. Check back soon for our 2017 legislative watch list.

Leveraged Budgets

Children’s Budget

Alameda County engages in developing a children’s budget annually showing the investments made for our youngest residents. More information: Alameda County 2017-2018 Children’s Services Budget

Human Impact Budget

Between 2008 and 2013, California cut over $15 billion from our social safety net – all during a time when people were losing their jobs, health insurance, and security. Many Californians found it difficult to meet their basic needs as state budget cuts mounted and the local programs in our social safety net were slashed. Human Impact Budget Project explores the impact of these cuts on residents here in Alameda County, and how Alameda County, along with its community-based partners, is the safety net for County residents. A partial list of services provided by the County that are dependent on State funding, or funds passed-through from the federal government to the State include CalWORKs, CalFresh (food stamps), Medi-Cal, In-Home Supportive Services, meals to seniors and people with disabilities, subsidized child care, subsidized housing, homeless programs, and employment services. About one in five County residents receives direct assistance from the County of Alameda, and considerably more benefit from the safety net services and local economic stimulus provided.