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Sexually Exploited Minors

Children ensnared by prostitution generally fall between the ages of 12 and 17 – although children as young as 11 have been identified. Sexually exploited youth experience extreme forms of violence, physical and emotional in nature, at the hands of their exploiters and "johns". It has been noted that this population of youth frequently – if not in most cases – have a history of sexual and/or physical abuse prior to being serially exploited. In addition, many of them are foster youth who are very often fleeing group home situations. The youth generally come into contact with the public systems as either 300s – dependents, or 600s – juvenile offenders. After coming into the County system, few specialized services or targeted interventions exist to address the complex and overlapping needs that this population of young people presents. The situation is further exacerbated by the lack of community awareness and few (if any) consistent cross-system assessment protocols; intake procedures, case management practices, and transitional supports necessary to address the needs of minors victimized through commercial sexual exploitation and related trauma.

This program has moved to the Alameda County Social Services Agency. Please contact Barbara Loza–Muriera for more information.