839 new jobs.
31 megawatts of power.
$180 million in cost savings.

Economic and Workforce Development

One of R-REP’s main objectives is to generate local economic activity and create jobs within the nine county San Francisco Bay Area. The results of an IMPLAN analysis found that 839 jobs in Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties would be created as a result of the initiative if all 186 sites are developed. Click below to view the jobs reports on R-REP.

The Economic Impact of the RREP Project

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In September 2013, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors adopted a Resolution to recognize the regional economic benefit of R-REP and authorize a local hiring and workforce plan.

workforce recognition plan by alameda county board of supervisors

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"This outstanding collaboration highlights several of our priorities here in Alameda County, including sustainability and green energy production, as well as productive partnerships that enable us to maximize the return on the tax dollars we invest."

Susan S. Muranishi, Alameda County Administrator

solar panels being installed

Environmental Benefits

Bay Area local governments have made it a priority to invest in renewable sources of energy that contribute to a cleaner environment for our communities. By collaborating together in R-REP, Bay Area local governments are moving closer to their climate action goals for greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction for 2020 and beyond. R-REP has the potential to reduce over 17 Million pounds of CO2 every year, the equivalent GHG storage of over 207,000 trees if all R-REP projects are developed. The investment of long term renewable energy systems is just another way R-REP public agencies are committed to reducing our global footprint on the environment.

R-REP Greenhouse Gas Reductions table

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Image of solar panels

Cost Savings

Through this unique regional collaboration, R-REP was able to achieve economies of scale that resulted in significant cost savings for public agencies. The collaborative procurement achieved price savings, on average, that was 17-45% below market comparables. The total net benefit under cash acquisition for all sites that received bids is approximately $108.8 million. If sites are developed under a PPA (3rd party financing), the total 25 year net benefit for all sites that received bids is estimated at $51.8 million.

RREP Solar Project Pricing Review by Bundle

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