Regional Renewable Energy Procurement Project (R-REP)


Under the leadership of Alameda County, the Regional Renewable Energy Procurement Project (R-REP) is bringing renewable energy to public facilities throughout the Bay Area. The project includes 19 public agencies working together to purchase 31 MW of renewable energy systems across 186 facilities. Sites include community centers, libraries, fire stations, medical facilities, city halls and educational facilities.


High upfront costs, limited staff resources, and a lack of expertise often prevent government agencies from developing on-site renewable energy. Collaboration has enabled R-REP agencies to overcome these challenges and rapidly expand the use of low-cost renewable energy at their facilities. The benefits include taxpayer savings, the creation of jobs, and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more about how we built the nation's largest collaborative public sector procurement of renewable energy.

A construction worker posing in front of solar panels

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