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Photo of Peralta Creek after it was restored.

Restoring creeks, like Peralta Creek, to more natural conditions are among the county's key flood control actions.

Flood Control and Water Conservation District

The Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District helps protect Alameda County residents and property from flooding while preserving the natural environment. The District, which is part of Alameda County's Public Works Agency, is the steward of a valuable resource—a vast flood control infrastructure including channels, pump stations, and other facilities.

The District recognizes that climate change effects are even more pronounced on fresh water habitats in the highly urban environment in the Bay Area, where creeks often flow through concrete-lined channels or underground pipes. The trees and plants that used to line these creeks are no longer there to provide essential wildlife habitat. The District's goals are to restore these urban creeks in the County to more natural conditions while ensuring flood protection. Restoring the essential habitat for wildlife enhances the ability of species to adapt to climate change.