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Photo of Community Quilt

Detail of "Creating a Better Future Together" Community Quilt, created by youth at the Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center participating in the Arts Commission's Creative Power Program under the guidance of teaching artist Lilli Lanier. (Photographer: Sibila Savage)

Educators—What You Can Do

Effective ways for educators and parents to explore environmental themes with youth include art, literature, and hands-on experiences.


Art IS Education month, a countywide celebration of youth arts learning, has included themes related to sustainability and developed wonderful resources. Detailed project plans developed by the Alameda County Arts Commission make it easy for educators to lead art projects relating to environmental themes.


The County created environmental sustainability reading and curricula guides to accompany the Art IS Education month efforts.

Hands-on experience

The Alameda County Early Care and Education Planning Council is fostering the next generation of environmental stewards through its Child Care Greening Program which teaches preschool staff and young children new and lifelong Reducing, Reusing, Recycling and Rotting (RRRR) practices.