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Alameda County Law Library Building
125 - 12th Street, 3rd Floor, Oakland, CA 94607 · 510-272-6920

Risk Management Unit, a part of the CAO

Contact Information and Online Resources

Claims Administrators

  • Claims with dates of injury on or after July 1, 1997:
    P.O. Box 14153
    Lexington, KY 40512-4153
    866-548-2637 Fax
    Claim Correspondence:
    New Loss:

  • Claims with dates of injury prior to July 1, 1997:
    AIG/TriStar Risk Management P.O. Box 2805
    Clinton, IA 52733-2805
    925-349-7627 Fax

Risk Management Contacts

  • Maria Songco-Daluz, Workers' Compensation Administrator, 510-272-3646 or tie-line 2-3646
  • Risk Management Unit 510-272-6920 or tie-line 2-6920
  • Ergonomic Evaluations
  • Ergonomics infographics and tips for office or remote work, click here.

Workers' Compensation Fraud Hotline: 866-368-3720

  • Call this number 24/7 to report suspected workers' compensation fraud. Anonymous calls are accepted.
  • Examples of fraud include:
    • An employee filing a claim for an injury that did not occur on, nor have a relation to the job.
    • An employee working another job while receiving workers' compensation benefits from the County of Alameda.
    • An attorney or health care provider assisting an individual in fraudulent schemes or intentionally billing for services not provided or unwarranted.

Related Agencies and Online Resources

  • State Division of Workers' Compensation Information and Assistance Officer - 1515 Clay Street, 6th Floor, Oakland, CA 94612. 510-622-2861 or 1-800-736-7401.
  • Employment Development Department Disability Insurance (EDD) 800-480-3287
  • Alameda County Employee's Retirement Association (ACERA) 510-628-3000
  • This link will take you directly to the Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Workers' Compensation. It provides helpful information regarding labor law, Cal/OSHA, and Workers' Compensation.
  • This link will take you directly to the California Department of Insurance. It provides helpful information for consumers, seniors, agents and brokers, insurers, and fraud overview.