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Training & Related Resources

  • Company Nurse EZ Reference Guide (PDF - 258kb)*: This describes the injury reporting process. If the supervisor reports the injury to Company Nurse, a link to the nearly completed Form 5020 will be generated from the telephonic report, and be sent to the departmental workers' compensation liaison or disability program case manager for review, completion of additional fields, and will be submitted electronically to the TPA.
  • Company Nurse Injury Reporting Flow Chart (PDF - 109kb)*: Describes the information flow from the initial call to Company Nurse to the provision of medical treatment to creation of the workers' compensation claim.
  • Sample Company Nurse Report of Injury (PDF - 26kb)*: Here is a sample of the report that is created by Company Nurse when the supervisor and employee call to report an injury.
  • Company Nurse FAQ's (PDF - 112kb)*: These FAQ's provide additional information on the Company Nurse Injury hotline.
  • Preventive Ergonomic Training: Ergonomic training is available through classes at the Alameda County Conference Center and online through Target Safety. Additional information on these programs and general information on ergonomics is available by clicking here.
  • TELECOMMUTERS AND MOBILE EMPLOYEES: (PDF - 590kb)* Coverage and liability for work related injuries sustained by telecommuters and mobile employees.
  • TRAVELING ON COUNTY BUSINESS: (PDF - 187kb)* Coverage and liability for work related injuries sustained while traveling on County related business.
  • Workers' Compensation Abbreviations and Acronyms (PDF - 122kb)*: Common abbreviations and acronyms used in Workers' Compensation claims.
  • Claremont EAP offers services that may be helpful for employees who are dealing with an occupational injury. Services are confidential and in most cases free to Alameda County, within service level limits. You may also contact Claremont EAP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-834-3773.
  • Temporary Modified Work Policy (PDF - 132kb)*
  • Temporary Modified Work Plan (PDF - 97kb)*
  • Designated Physician and Medical Facility List (PDF - 103kb)*

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