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Contractor Bonding Assistance Program

What Is the Contractor Bonding Assistance Program (CBAP)?

The Contractor Bonding Assistance Program (CBAP) is designed to help small local contractors obtain bid, payment and performance bonds and/or increase their bonding capacity for work on Alameda County contracts. The program is sponsored by the County Administrator’s Office Risk Management Unit and administered by Merriwether & Williams Insurance Services.

What resources does CBAP provide?

CBAP assembles a team of professionals to assist small local contractors in preparing for the bonding process and to help them grow their businesses. CBAP guides the contractor through the bonding process with one-on-one consultations and contactor-focused group workshops and seminars. CBAP will also work with contractors to help them improve their existing relationships with surety providers.

Guarantees up to 40% of the bond amount or $750,000, whichever is less, will be available to qualified contractors.

How does the Contractor Bonding Assistance Program work?

Once eligibility has been established, the program participant receives a description of the bonding process and a one-on-one confidential assessment of their company’s financial strengths and needs with regard to obtaining bonding for an Alameda County contract. Technical assistance and strategies are then provided to address the contractors’ specific needs. Program staff will assist program participants in preparing documentation for bonding applications and make necessary referrals to program partners. There is no charge for enrolling in the program or for CBAP-sponsored workshops and seminars. Contractors are responsible for payment of bond premiums.

Who is eligible?

Contractors that are both:

  • Located in Alameda County and
  • Eligible to participate in one of the following certifications:
    • Alameda County Small Local Emerging Business (SLEB)
    • State Small Business Enterprise (SBE)
    • US Department of Transportation Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

For information about the SLEB program visit their website.

For information about the SBE program contact the General Service Agency – Office of Acquisition Policy at (510) 208–9617.

For information about the DBE program contact the Public Works Agency at (510) 670-5243.

How do I get started with the Contractor Bonding Assistance Program?

For more information about the Alameda County Contractor Bonding Assistance Program (CBAP) please complete the CBAP Enrollment Form and contact:

Carol Henry, Program Manager
Phone: 510-879-3285
Fax: 510-740-6921

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