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Risk Management Unit, a part of the CAO

Disability Retirement

Risk Management reviews applications for disability retirement filed with ACERA and evaluates disability retirement applications filed by members of the Alameda County Fire Department that are covered by the CalPERS retirement system.

Disability Retirement under ACERA:

Risk Management represents the County before the ACERA Board in disability retirement applications. Risk Management is responsible for reviewing medical and service credit information to determine whether the medical and service requirements for service-connected or non-service connected disability retirement have been met. For employees covered by ACERA, Risk Management works closely with County Counsel in reviewing disability retirement applications and provides ACERA ( with pre-employment and workers’ compensation medical information to enable their medical advisor to render an expert medical opinion. Most of the work done by Risk Management does not involve contact with individual departments or employees. Employees who have applied for a disability retirement should direct all questions and inquiries to ACERA at

Mailing Address:
Alameda County Employees' Retirement Association
475 14th Street, Suite 1000
Oakland, California 94612-1900, QIC Code: 22901

Main Line: 510-628-3000
Toll Free: 800-838-1932
Main Fax: 510-268-9574
Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm (Closed weekends and holidays)

Disability Retirement under CalPERS:

The Board of Supervisors has designated the Director of Risk Management to review disability retirement applications filed with CalPERS, and to determine whether the criteria for service-connected disability retirement have been met. . This authority was granted under Resolution R-93-353. As of 2010, only Alameda County Fire Department employees are covered under the CalPERS program.