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Risk Management Unit, a part of the CAO


To protect against fortuitous loss arising from County operations and activities, the County has established various risk financing programs. Losses that cannot be effectively controlled or prudently retained within the County's self-insurance program are transferred to insurance carriers or other risk financing vehicles (insurance pools, etc.), as may be available and feasible. The purchase of all property and casualty insurance, and self-insurance program administration is managed by the County's Risk Management Unit, a division of the County Administrator's Office.

Insurance Programs for the County

The Risk Management Unit oversees the administration of the General and Auto Liability, Workers’ Compensation and Medical Malpractice self-insured programs. Excess insurance is purchased to cover losses above the County’s self-insured retentions for these programs.

Some losses are primarily insured through the purchase of insurance policies. These policies include, but are not limited to coverage for aircraft, boiler and machinery, cyber liability, employee dishonesty bond and crime coverage, foster parent, general liability, workers' compensation, property, real property, pollution, special liability and watercraft.

Insurance Requirements in County Contracts

Risk Management has developed guidelines for insurance requirements for most goods and services typically procured by the County.

Insurance Programs for the Public

The Risk Management Unit also manages insurance programs for the public when doing business with the County. These programs include contractor/vendor insurance and special event insurance.

In addition to the insurance programs listed above, our office can assist departments in negotiating coverage tailored to a specific need. Please consult Risk Management if you have an exposure to loss not addressed here.

Reporting an Insurance Claim

Please see the Claims and Incident Reporting tab for information on filing a claim under any of these programs.