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Risk Management Unit, a part of the CAO

Overview - Claims and Incident Reporting

Employee Incident/Accident Reporting Duties

When an accident occurs and an employee is involved, details must be reported to supervision and Risk Management at the earliest possible opportunity regardless of how insignificant the loss may appear. Please review your duties in the event of a motor vehicle accident or other incident.

Claims from County Departments and Employees

Some losses are eligible for reimbursement under County self-insured or insured programs. Please see the individual topics below for more information.

Claims Against The County

If you are member of the general public and have suffered an injury or damage to property, you will need to file a claim with the County of Alameda.

The Claim Against the County of Alameda (PDF - 18kb)* Claim form can be obtained by selecting the link, or in person at the Clerk of the Board, 1221 Oak Street, Room 536, Oakland, CA 94612.

If you have already filed a claim against the County and have questions pertaining to it, please contact

      George Hills Company
      (707) 792-4980

For other questions, please call the Risk Management Unit at (510) 272-6920 or tie-line 2-6920.