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Risk Management Unit, a part of the CAO
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Employee Safety is a top priority at the County of Alameda. We recognize that on-the-job accidents cause unnecessary human suffering, productivity loss, and in some cases, financial loss to employees, their families, and the County.

Performing your job safely is the most important thing you can do for yourself and for those who work around you.

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Safety Consultation - Photo of a 2 men shaking hands.

Risk Management periodically inspects County facilities to ensure that employees and the public are provided with a safe environment to work and conduct business.

We can also assist with safety audits and new program development.

Safety Topics A to Z

Learn more about employee safety from aerosol transmissible diseases to ergonomics to workplace violence prevention.

Safety Plans & Programs - Photo of two workers in hard hats..

Cal/OSHA protects workers through its Occupational Safety and Health programs and may inspect your worksite. The Safety Manager is the official County contact for Cal/OSHA. Please call the Safety Manager immediately at 510-272-6920, if Cal/OSHA contacts you.

Training - Photo of a training class.

Risk Management offers County-wide and department specific safety and health training on a wide variety of topics. Learning can be accomplished in a classroom, small group, or even individual settings.