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Alameda County, CA,

Cathy Roache
Acting County Agricultural Commissioner / Sealer
Agriculture / Weights & Measures

Pest Detection

The Pest Detection Program attempts to locate harmful plant pest infestations in their early stages before they become too extensive to be eradicated.

The Alameda County Department of Agriculture maintains a continuous Pest Detection Program. This is part of a statewide program to protect California's agriculture from unwanted exotic pests.

Trapping represents the second line of defense in California's Pest Prevention System. Each year, Agriculture Inspectors place and monitor over 7,000 insect survey traps in Alameda County. These traps are strategically placed in residential, commercial, and park properties where adequate hosts are available.

Alameda County Agriculture Inspectors are currently trapping for the following exotic pests:

Caribbean Fruit Fly
Picture of Caribbean Fruit Fly.
Enlarge Photo
European Pine Shoot Moth
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Picture of European Pine Shoot Moth.
Enlarge Photo
Glassy-winged Sharpshooter
Picture of Glassy-winged Sharpshooter.
Enlarge Photo
Guava Fruit Fly
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Picture of a Guava Fruit Fly on a sticky insert from a trap.
Enlarge Photo
Gypsy Moth
Picture of a male Gypsy Moth.
Enlarge Photo
Japanese Beetle
Picture of Japanese Beetle.
Enlarge Photo
Mediterranean Fruit Fly
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Picture of Mediterranean Fruit Fly.
Enlarge Photo
Melon Fruit Fly
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Picture of a Melon Fruit Fly.
Enlarge Photo
Mexican Fruit Fly
Picture of Mexican Fruit Fly.
Enlarge Photo
Oriental Fruit Fly
Picture of Oriental Fruit Fly.
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