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Alameda County, CA,

Cathy Roache
Acting County Agricultural Commissioner / Sealer
Agriculture / Weights & Measures


Picture of truck scale being inspected circa 1930.
Truck scale inspection circa 1930.

Most commerce is affected by the activities of weighmasters. Weighmasters are individuals / companies licensed by the California Division of Measurement Standards - Weighmaster Enforcement (DMS) to certify the weighed, measured, or counted quantity of any commodity, when one or both of the interested party(s) are not present. They often operate commercial devices used to determine the amounts of industrial or agricultural products and issue certificates attesting to the amount of such products. These could include truck or hopper scales that weigh products such as dirt, gravel, cement, asphalt, and produce. We perform routine inspections of weighmasters to ensure the correctness of the certificates issued.


California Division of Measurement Standards - Weighmaster Enforcement

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